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Aug 2011: MobileHCI Conference Tutorial

31 August 2011, Katarzyna Wac is giving a tutorial titled “Performance evaluation of mobile services: measurements-based methodology and example assessment techniques” at the MobileHCI conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

This tutorial first presents a generic methodology for measurements-based performance evaluation of a mobile communication system and its service(s), and second, it presents an application of this methodology to mobile healthcare services. The performance evaluation aims at analysis of, for example, mobile system bottleneck or scalability characteristics or at analysis of its responsiveness, where all metrics contribute to the overall experience of the mobile service use. The presented methodology has been derived from previous studies on performance of communication networks. The methodology is outlined to perform (practical) measurements, as opposite to (theoretical) simulations or modeling. The methodology includes detailed steps for objectives determination, system instrumentation, and measurements execution and performance evaluation activities. The tutorial illustrates use of the methodology for performance evaluation of MobiHealth system and its vital sign tele-monitoring service provided to a mobile patient wearing a Wireless Body Area Network.